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For the Attention of All Our Customers.

It has recently been brought to our attention that businesses in Northern Ireland (UK) are being advised incorrectly about the training and guidance that they have received regarding ventilation cleaning contractors such as ours re: Kitchen and Air Duct Cleaning in Northern Ireland.

We have been advised by the NAADUK (National Association of Duct Clean Specialist UK), which we are members, that this is not only potentially illegal, but is costing businesses like ours a fortune unnecessarily.

BESA (Building Engineering Services Association), have taken it upon themselves to copyright TR19 Grease guideline, and state that we can no longer use this term. It must be noted, however we are trained to the equivalent, if not better than this guidance document. You can state on our documents/certificates that the clean is equivalent to TR19 guidelines and NAAD21.

BESA also requires members of their organisation to submit their database to them, which we are investigating under GDPR regulations to ensure that this is in fact compliant with British Law.

But remember when BESA issue the certificates on your behalf, clients will contact them first not you. Therefore, your valuable customer database is in their hands not yours, with no guarantee that this database will not fall into the hands of a third party. This means that your once valuable database, and in the event of selling your company, would be worthless and reduce the value of your company.

You should also bear in mind, any of our industry trained under the stringent CITB NI standard 14208 Kitchen Extract Cleaning and CPD 11143, offer assurance of the quality of the training standard. Yes, your own CITB NI to be proud of and under grant assistance. It appears that BESA guidelines is more about making money rather than raising standards.

This play on words could lead to considerable cost increases to our clients with no increased benefits.

If you would like to know any more information about NAADUK - please visit -

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